Start of Learning to Fly

Lord, do you know how long I have been praying to do a website?! Just the start of doing something on my own has become a wonderful but scary experience. For years, I have been giving myself excuses as to why I should or shouldn’t be doing a website. Now after three years of battling with my thick skull, I have ran out of reasons.

With the power of pray I have learned life is sweet. I know the battles of life have been fought with others and I am NEVER alone! With my loved ones, I know I can conquer anything. So I want to thank each one of you for giving me the courage to just go for it.

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One Fat Dove came to life after a single flea market find. Go figure it comes from shopping! My Mom- Heather, found this concrete dove figurine that was so FAT it had to be bought. Turns out, ALL the women in my family had to have a fat dove. It has been a symbolic piece to stand for compassion and love. Anytime we look at our fat doves, we think of each other. Of course, I have the FATTEST, fat dove out of everyone… (pause for slow clap.)

The symbolism for the fat dove is so special to me. My family and I have cultivated a lifestyle from a flea market find bringing happiness to our households. My goal for this website is simple- to enjoy the sweet, little things in life.

Love you bushels!

One Fat Dove



  1. Good for you Stinks! Proud of you for following your convictions and stepping out of your comfort zone.

  2. Love you….You are a remarkable woman…I LOOK FOR THE LORD JESUS ✝️ TO DO GREAT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE

  3. Wonderful idea Katie!!! Follow your heart and believe!!! Very excited for you and anxious to see were this leads you!!! Much love and success!!! 🙏🏾❤️🎉

  4. I think this is awesome! I know it will be great and can’t wait to read more. Love ya girlfriend!

  5. This is great! I’m so happy for you!! If the Lord puts something on your heart, He will provide for you and always make a way!! Continue to give Him the glory, always! God Bless you and I’m so excited for this new and exciting chapter!!! You’re beautiful inside and out!! You go, girl!!! 💕💁🏼‍♀️🕊

  6. So proud of you! You are an amazing woman and I know God has great plans for you. P.S. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for a fat dove of my own.

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