Mother’s Day Brunch

Am I the only one thinking Mom’s are the flowers in everyone’s life? I am being serious! With my Mom (goes by Mudder or Mother Dearest) she brings me so much joy when she walks in the room. She is stunning inside and out. She is so vibrant and cheerful it could make a cloudy day bring sunshine… (Don’t judge me for it being corny, IT’S TRUE!)


So in light of Mother’s Day, my siblings and I wanted to do something special. For the past year, she has put up with wedding shenanigans, losing our sweet Katie Mae, college kids, senioritis and football games. Bless her heart, it has been exhausting! So what better way than to have a sweet, “casual” brunch.


Quote of the Day: “No one should ever joke when it comes to brunch.”

Brunch is the best excuse to have breakfast and/or lunch AND have it be totally acceptable to drink champagne. You can dress up the occasion with flowers and simple decorations. Best part, you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money. All decor pieces including the rosé, was less than $100! My top three stores for the occasion was Dollar Tree, Home Goods and Target. Be creative with the simple things.  The most comments were from the ice cubes. All you do is take ice trays with flowers, water and freeze. DONE! Learn to utilize the entire space. Use items in house such as signs, cake platters, candles or even the freaking ceiling!


It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special. All it takes is a little thought and prep. All Momma’s are special! My hope is that everyone was able to take the time and cherish the day! To my flower Heather, I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for being my Matron of Honor, hero and my BEST FRIEND.

Love you bushels!

One Fat Dove


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  1. Katie….. damn girl, you are special, and quite frankly so is your mom. I’m so proud to call her my “sister by heart”, and I’m so thankful my daughter gets to call you the same. I love you both with all I am!

    Mama Kim

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