My Four-Legged Kids

Does anyone else like coming home from a long day just to see their furry friend? From the moment you see them, don’t they bring instant gratification? In our house, both of our pups bring so much joy! I love when I get greeted at the door with them shaking their “bon-bons” just waiting to plant a sloppy kiss.

Boxers have to be “paws down” the best dogs for any family situation. For me, I love how they are naturally, smart protectors. I feel safe in my home knowing they are always aware of their surroundings. If you are wanting a dog to bring constant giggles, a boxer is the dog for you! They are natural class clowns with the “high on life” personality.  All day, everyday, they are just super sweet dogs.

Come on, just look at those faces!

My sweet Bo, has been my baby since day one. I remember going with my family to get him on a October evening. My loving boy, was in a dog kennel in the back of a truck. The breeder barely had any teeth, kept saying how he loved to play in the cow fields and get himself in a mess. Climbing in the kennel and him coming into my arms, had to be the best/easiest decision ever. He was MINE!

Gigi has been the first dog my husband and I have ever had TOGETHER. We were just moving into our new apartment with Bo and thought it was time he needed a playmate. I can honestly say Gigi girl keeps us on our toes! From ruining Tory Burch sandals (still a touchy subject), diving head first in the deep end or even hopping like a bunny. She has the biggest, rambunctious personality from any boxer I know.

My prayer is to have Gigi’s personality and Bo’s loving demeanor to be passed down……


That’s right! Within a few short days, our house is going to be filled with BOXER PUPPIES!!!


My snuggle bugs, have always found a way to cheer me up! They have been on adventures going shopping, swimming or to only get coffee. (Of course puppucinos are a must!) My sweet fury, four-legged kids are my best friends. I would do anything to keep them happy, loving pups!

Love you bushels!

One Fat Dove







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