A House into a Home

Simple question.

What is important to you?

To me, having a home is important BUT why not make it a pretty one. (Right?) It is important to create our home into a happy place. It is a space I love and am truly blessed with. It is a space my husband and I have put together. It is ours. Everything from the paint to the chandeliers and even the chairs, EVERYTHING was picked together. The main challenge, was to learn each other’s style and combine it. Our winning combo…




The house is exactly what we wanted, a HOME. We found the aesthetic of what we wanted and put it together. As we have quickly realized, s**t is freakin’ expensive! We even have a five-year plan of the more expensive additions. SO to help with costs and time, we decided to focus room by room. We started with the open kitchen, living and dining area because most of our guests stay within this area. I love the open floor plan and it is welcoming for guests to feel comfortable. However, there is still so many things to add to the area such as adding more shiplap (Is there such thing as too much?!) and a breakfast nook.

Precious things take time. It took my husband and I six months to unpack all boxes from moving in. Before hanging ANYTHING on the walls, we wanted to make sure it was exactly where we wanted it. Even when it came to the furniture, we moved it around a ZILLION times! I even moved the guest bedroom set so I can make the other room a doggie room/future nursery (someday..). Turns out it was a good choice because the guest bedroom now has a bigger closet to have more storage. BEST ADVISE: take time to build the foundations personality.

Whoever said DIY is lame, well they can totally suck it! How else can you decorate on a dime? There are several pieces in our home that I did myself. Those pieces even happen to be some of my favorites. If you want to become a “DIYer” start simple, use monograms. I really don’t care what people say, monograms will never go out of style. Think of creative spaces to put a monogram. Mailboxes are always fun especially when guests are trying to find your house. Put them in planters blocks, rugs or even on meal trays; personalize your home. You pay the mortgage… might as well!

Needing to refurbish a flea market find? No problem, use it! Even when it comes to a rusty, old piece of tin. When buying it, I knew there would be a future purpose. It had so much character but needed a little TLC. So with the help of family, the old tin was able to be converted to a cornice board. It has been lightly spray painted to show the paisley embossing. To add a final touch, I added the garland wisteria. It helped with hiding a flaw on the ceiling and to add a pop of color.


SIMPLE & CREATIVE. Exactly how I was able to make the angel wings. All it took was cardboard, construction paper and hot glue. I attached the wings to the ladder and DONE! Need inspiration for new projects? Click the link to see my current inspirations:  One Fat Dove’s Pinterest Page

When decorating, a bunch of little trinkets can create a big impact. I love being able to use different layers and textures within my space. A simple trick is to use cake platters. You can put anything on it! I switch mine out with pictures, candles, flower arrangements, potpourri and little trinkets of fat doves. You can use the same trick on trays or candy dishes. Have trinkets you love but don’t know where to put it? Put it on your mantel! It is a great area to showcase items you love while creating a statement.

Find your happy place! Once you find it, fight to keep it. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for my home. It is so comforting to know my husband and I built it together. Our home is a space we get to laugh, love and cherish. There truly is, no place like HOME.

Love you bushels!

One Fat Dove



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