From Miss to Mrs.

Does anyone else think the life of marriage is wonderful? Think about it, you get to put your whole heart and soul to one person. They are the first and last person you think about every single day. You define your spouse to have a specific purpose of comforting you, to love you, to care and to guide you through any circumstance. Through the good, bad and ugly only YOU had the choice to have your forever. YOU decided to have them. Marriage is a wonderful blessing. I am forever grateful to have my Mr. Wonderful be Shawn Erich-Raymond Waara.


OMG YAS, this is a post about my husband! It might be cheesy and it might be all “lovey-dovey.” However, when it comes to my postings, I try to let the Lord tell me what to write. To let him guide me through all things as he does with our marriage. Together Shawn and I try to do what is best for us. We put each other first, kiss each other good night and miss each other when apart. Together we are a team.

The Lord works in mysterious ways; of all places I meet the love of my life at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Seeing him for the first time, OF COURSE I thought he was a stud. Then, I heard him talk with a HEAVY Northern accent. Saying things like “POP” and “hey you guys!” To be honest, I was completely infatuated with him from the moment I saw him. However, I didn’t start talking to him till two months later. (Makes total sense right?!) He made me nervous because I felt he knew who I was just by looking at me. For a Yankee, he had charm: an accent, tattoos and a beard.

December 25th, 2016

It was early Christmas morning and Shawn ran through the house. The glasses would be clinking while the Bloody Marys were stirring. Family ate and drank celebrating what was sure to come as a beautiful Christmas morning. The presents were nestled so tightly under the tree, as one present would twinkle as the fire place gleamed.  Shawn’s heart would flutter as Katie would soon see, the one present that would make Shawn drop down to one knee. As she said YES they would all hoop and holler, as they rejoiced with a “Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.”

It was the perfect proposal in pjs with my family.


November 26th, 2017

Our wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale. It was a beautiful, magical day!

To check out our wedding video click the link below!

Happily Ever After


Shawn, my love and my sweet darling. I have prayed for you my entire life. Ever since I was a little girl, wearing bows bigger than my face; I wanted a forever with someone who had the desire to be with me for always. I am absolutely certain you are the one the Lord created for me. We have embarked on a beautiful adventure were I get to call you my husband. You are my forever and always!

Love you bushels,





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  1. I remember the picture he sent me of the breakfast you made him Pop tarts and Pepsi..😁😁😁😁


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