It’s a Fiesta not a Siesta!

HOLY COW! It has been crazy busy on my “social event calendar.” Girlfriends are popping babies, family is getting married and my mother turned 45! So to bring a little light to her birthday, the family decided to throw a surprise party. Not any kind of party but a FIESTA!


In the Crook/Brown/Waara house, there is always time for drinks and TACOS! Make the setting fun and eye catching for everyone to enjoy. Pick your favorite bright colors or use the rainbow for inspiration. When buying the decor pieces, DON’T over spend. All items pictured cost less than $60 bucks! Use pieces you already have such as party platters, picture frames and candy dishes.

Details don’t have to be complicated. Here are a few simple tricks:

  1. Use a picture frames! Of course you can use any photo for the occasion BUT if invitations were made then use it. My mom didn’t see the invitations (obviously), so it felt appropriate to have it displayed.
  2. Decorate your ice cubes! I love this simple trick because I get the most compliments on it. Mother’s Day I used faux flowers, this time I used confetti. EASY!
  3. Margarita glasses don’t have just one purpose. Use it as a way to display food.
  4. Party favors and thank-yous don’t have to be cheesy. With a lil’ TLC of script and pom-poms, the couples were excited to take the succulents home!

Just to state the obvious, ALWAYS plan ahead! It was clear to me I have been watching too much Cake Boss. The morning of the party, I wanted to bake the cake. The goal was to make a small individual size cake. Basically, it turned into a flop; there was not going to be enough icing to cover the mess I made. So PLAN B was going to Wal-Mart. Thank goodness there was enough time to get a new cake! Example of defeat is below. Even though my ugly pink cake didn’t workout, I still showed the picture to guests to bring some laughs.


SIMPLE, FUN, CUTE… A winning combination!

Love you bushels,


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