“Glitter is my Favorite Color!”

Oh the joys of graduating high school! Reminiscing on my high school years, I never realized how easy my life was. My “job” was to be on time to swim practice and make good grades. THAT WAS IT! High school drama that I thought mattered, was truly so petty. I didn’t know what my future was holding. The life of limited income and working towards a future of “adulting,” was honestly scary to me. The kids I graduated with were making life decisions of pursuing education, starting a family or stepping into a job field. Everyone seemed to know exactly what they wanted and I had no freakin’ clue!


A new chapter begins for graduates. So why not celebrate?! In honor of Kate Spade (God bless her and the family), we celebrated my Sister’s Grad Party with the life of color and glitter. The color palette inspiration: black, white, gold and PINK!

(Invitation has been edited to not show address and RSVP information.)

Front of Graduation Invitation edited

Graduation parties are supposed to show the personalities of the Senior. With Erika, she is very energetic, super cute and favorite color of course is pink. The main goal was to be trendy and fun! In Texas, June is the start of being really freakin’ hot. The best place to be is with your loved ones in the pool. So the Kate Spade inspired pool party had to commence! It happened to be a really nice day for a Grad Party!!


Right now, one of my favorite trends is the balloon garland. My inspiration came from Magnolia Market Silos Baking Co. in light of the first birthday. When I saw it, I knew I had to try it! (Current saying WWJD…. What Would Jo-Jo Do.) When researching how to make it, there is a million ways! I see a lot of people using chicken wire, which is what I used for the first balloon garland in Heather’s Surprise 45th Birthday. The chicken wire seems to create a better structure for the shape; however, it was hard to work with and very time-consuming. There were some DIYers that used a low temperature, hot glue gun to attach the balloons to the chicken wire. Let me tell you, it did not work for me. POP, POP, POP!


Simplicity is such a blessing, don’t you think? Tools used to do the garland was of course balloons (lots!), fishing line and a sewing needle.

Instructions are below:

  1. Blow up balloons. Pictured below shows about a hundred! To make it easier us an air compressor or pump.
  2. Thread a sewing needle with fishing line.
  3. With the needle, thread your balloons at the tail ends. This helps avoid popping and your able to create the color pattern easier. When threading the balloons, pay attention to how it starts to form. Make sure there is NO tangles!
  4. At the desired length, tie the fishing line with sewing knots.
  5. Piece your garland in the desired shape with more fishing line. It was easier for me to form the garland by doing it in sections. The picture has two long sections and one short.


I am still learning little tips and tricks! With the balloons bought, I felt it was best to keep the large garland away from the sun; hence the reason for it being under the awning. However, I still wanted to do a small garland on the eating table. What I learned is I need to buy smaller balloons and have a larger table. The picture below shows the table was in no way functioning, it was purely for decoration. It was way too hot and all the balloons happened to POP within a few hours of the party.

If anyone has suggestions on how to make the balloon garland easier and functioning; I would love to hear from you!


With any teenager, pictures are a must! Utilize a space to create a photo area. Use fabric as the background; add party supplies to create dimension and depth. MONEY SAVING TIP: Save all party supplies from previous events because most likely it can be used again! The paper fans, tissue pom-poms and garland tassels (pictures below) have been used for multiple events.


How cute are these “GRAD” boxes?! I am obsessed with the simplicity of wrapping boxes and slapping some letters. The wrapping and construction paper (to make the letters) was bought from an event before. It cost only $10 to get the boxes and they can be reused again!


It doesn’t take much to be creative. I knew my sister and the color pallet. I wanted to make sure every piece was thought-out to reflect Erika. Quotes, pictures, movies, songs, literally ANYTHING can drive inspiration for an event. My “GO-TO” for creativity is my Pinterest page! There you can see inspiration for some up coming events!


After turning 18, I learned a lot about myself. My personality was to be kind, work hard and to have goals. I quickly learned life isn’t always fair; sometimes the direction you want has to change. It’s okay to change your mind or to take breaks. People will come and go. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. God will guide you in the right path; just listen! Stay positive with every step.

“You are capable of amazing things!” – Kate Spade

Love you bushels,



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