In the Pursuit of Happiness

Growing up we are told we should know what we want, when we want by the time we are out of high school. That teenagers should have a sequence of life events figured out by the time they are 18. Even today, my brothers and sisters are pressured to feel like they are supposed to know everything about their future lives. All I can say is W…..T……F?! At 18, I wanted to be one of the hot sorority girls strutting in a major university without any worries. I wanted to live a life of luxury, rolling in the hottest car and the biggest house. BAM! Then reality slapped me in the face called finances. The things I thought I wanted, was going to cost me thousands living on a “trailer park” budget.

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I seriously want everyone to think about what I say in this post. I have been asking myself for years, questions I felt I could never answer. Often times it made me feel uncertain and a little worthless. The hopes and dreams I once had, felt they could never be achieved because of other voices telling me “I shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t.” These voices were coming from sources of social media, family and friends. It even came down to the point where I didn’t have my own collective thoughts. I was going by what everyone else told me I should do.

Why is it we put so much unfathomable pressure on one person or ourselves? I encourage you to really think about it. Is it for the control, power, greed or maybe to be cruel and unkind? In some cases, do we feel as if we are helping others? Every day, all day there is a schedule everyone tends to go by: work, maybe take care of kids, maybe go workout, eat healthy (on occasion), clean house, cook, sleep and repeat. In the end, does it make you truly happy? Do you even have enough time to think about it?

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I am 25 and just started to learn what I want in life. To be completely honest, it scares the s**t out of me! It has me being very vulnerable in a very cruel world. But guess what? This is my decision, nobody else. Having the power of liberation has become freeing. The rambling of thoughtless questions is finally being answered. My answers have started becoming a roadmap to guide me to my future goals.

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 What is the secret formula?


Simple right? Two little words to equal such a complex life style. The best tip, start with finding the little things you love. For me, I absolutely love ice cream, puppies and my husband. I love being able to serve others and to be creative with everything. Finding out about my loves pursued into passion. I learned I needed more in my life. To feel I had a purpose. I believe everyone was given a gift to live a beautiful, wonderful life. In the end, One Fat Dove has become my passion. It has made me happy.

The comments I receive of support, is truly amaze balls! People are learning the fine details to make a simple gathering better. Even learning how to make a complex event be simple. It has grew for One Fat Dove to be more than blog posts but to be a business. A business of planning, managing and executing social events. It has encouraged me to continue my love of serving others while being passionate for creating unique event experiences.

This my way to pursue happiness.

Love you bushels,


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