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Holy buckets ya’ll, pumpkin season is officially here. I am talkin’ pumpkin candles, pumpkin pillows, glitter pumpkin, suede pumpkin, ANYTHING pumpkin! It has blown up and hit the Waara House hold. There are even more pumpkins coming next week from Amazon and Bath & Body Works. EEEKK! I can hardly contain my excitement. Below are pictures from this years home décor. Of course, I had to keep my fat dove!

It is finally freakin’ fall meanin’ pumpkin spice lattes for days, sweaters, football and most importantly event season! Since starting the website and creating One Fat Dove Events in May of 2018, I have been so blessed to work with some amazing clients. From graduation, to birthdays, gender reveals, baby showers and weddings it has been so fun to capture the “sweet little things.”

Photo Capture by Emily Chappell PhotographyPhoto captured by Jared Rey

But boy, I have learned some important lessons from starting this business. NUMERO UNO: There is NOT enough hours in the day. Like for real! Answering emails all day, to working on timelines, to ordering event supplies, creating social media content and  partaking in a part-time job. TIME FLIES BY! Coffee, my husband, puppy therapy and Jesus help me out on most days. LESSON NUMBER TWO: There is ALWAYS room for improvements. Each event is planned to have a goal of absolute perfection. There are hours spent planning the little meticulous details of what to place there and when to take pictures here. A lot of improvements come from setup and breakdown, its a lesson that comes from gaining more experience. THIRD AND FINAL LESSON: HAVE FUN… DUH! Ya’ll I love what I do. It is the best feeling in the world to make small ideas come to life in a grand, special occasion. There are times that I feel like the Fairy Godmother of events. However, there are times when the “Other Katie” takes over. I am talking about full force, eye on the prize, getting sh*t done type of Katie. I will be honest, its hard starting a business from scratch. You learn as you go and I have learned that its okay to not take everything so seriously. Life is a party, start spreading the love by tossing the confetti!



So let me start off by saying, I promise to make more of a diligent effort to do more blog posts. I do really love talking about all things going on in my life. The goal I have in mind for the blog is to give ya’ll a little realism of myself but still talk behind the scenes on the events being coordinated.

 So with that being said, I have finally come around to start on the post of Baby J’s Gender Reveal! I know I had a “teaser” back in August talking about how I would do a blog on my social media pages but again from LESSON NUMERO UNO, there hasn’t been enough hours in the day. For the gender reveal, the parents of Baby J gave me full creativity, plus I got to have the event in my own home! With the first big event in the Waara House, I kept with the basic colors of pink, blue, gold and GLITTER. Below is a picture of the invitations sent to guests. 

Front of B&B Gender Reveal Party

Ya’ll lets be real, any event that I do is probably going to have glitter in some way… Just sayin’! Invitation address and phone number were edited out. 

When doing a gender reveal, keep things fun! The parents and guests are excited to know what the new family/ friend is going to be. Have drinks available, food hot and to bring on the entertainment. Also always expect to have guests arrive sooner than expected. I will be honest, a lot of the food I had prepared wasn’t ready by the time guests started arriving make me a nervous wreck. However, I turned up the music with cold refreshments and people didn’t care. People were starting to mingle and loving on the soon to be parents.

FUN TRICK: When serving Prosecco at an event, flavor it with candy. The original plan was to have cotton candy in the champagne flutes because its one of the “Mommy-to-be’s” favorite sweets. However, I had the worst time trying to find cotton candy; so PLAN B was to use Jolly Ranchers. Using the flavors blue raspberry and watermelon made the prosecco taste AH-MAZING! 

Oh Baby!


For the decorations, it looks like there was a lot bought. But in truth, there wasn’t much to it. Simple things of having tulle, lights, backdrop and little things I already had around the house, made it fairly inexpensive. Its learning to work with the few things you have in the event space.


The gender reveal was a HUGE success! There was about 50 guests who arrived to celebrate the new baby girl, Bristol.

To the Mommy and Daddy: Auntie Kate is so excited to spoil your little bundle of joy. I am forever grateful for the years of friendship. Just a little reminder, remember to cherish all the small things. Don’t let people discourage you from doing what you think is best. Make your own choices to do what is best for your family. Above all things, keep Christ within your family and in your marriage.

Psalms 46:5 “God is within her she will not fall, he will be with her when the morning dawns.”

Love you bushels,


Brittney & Brandon Gender Reveal

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