Overcoming Doubt…

Does anyone else have a brain that is in constant rotation? Everyday, all day, I am constantly thinking about things I need or want to be doing. To give you an example all before 11:00 AM today I thought about: finish reading my book, finish laundry, do dishes, what time should I go workout, make sure to send out invoices, see what I should do for Christmas gifts, I should totally buy a new Christmas tree, if I am buying a tree I should throw a Christmas party, maybe it should be ugly sweater themed, maybe it should be a Grinch theme, oh but WAIT (pause for deep breath) I need to do social media content, what a good idea for a blog post, I need to write that blog post, pictures need to be taken, what events do I have next month, etc…. LIKE SERIOUSLY, no wonder I have too much anxiety. The wheels in my head are going all the time; sometimes I need a slap in the face for someone to tell me W..T..F!

I can’t explain why I put so much pressure on myself. Maybe it is the sense of doubt and not knowing what is to come. There could be a sense of wanting affirmation from others to boost my professional and personal life. I can’t give an exact reason and it is a battle in my head all the time. The only thing that gets me through the “battle cry” is the support of my family and knowing I am not alone. Changing the cry into positivity changes my whole demeanor. My secret weapon, the power of prayer. My thoughts become clear, cohesive measures to achieve what I want. I am able to move the barriers to walk the path the Lord wants me to. Doubt goes away and self acceptance starts to shine. I toss the confetti and move on. 

Luke 12:22-26 “Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Me. So the best defense against worry is staying in communication with Me. When you turn your thoughts toward Me, you can think much more positively. Remember to listen as well as to speak, making your thoughts a dialogue with Me.”

Try it for yourself…. I promise the weight you once felt will be lifted.


Well it does more or less.. I start to think creative thoughts and then there are times where I am overthinking about table centerpieces. When I get to the exhausted point, I start to ask for help. There is NOTHING wrong to ask for help or to ask for support. Just get the job done!

Journaé’s 1st Birthday



You may ask, why talk about anxiety and then move to talking about events? Let me be open and honest. I started One Fat Dove thinking it was going to take me a while to grow a client base. When doing my business plan, I predicted I may get three or four clients by end of 2018. The Lord had a different plan and I ended up having three clients by four weeks of business. Funny how that worked?! My anxiety was through the freakin’ roof! I was a new business (still am) and really didn’t know what to expect as a sole owner for my company. When working corporate, we had a team to help guide and give the right expectations. When working a lone it is based off of thoughts and previous experience. Sounds scary right?…. Well, it was! My first client had booked me to do her daughter’s first birthday. It was exciting because we had five weeks to plan and plenty of vendors to hire. The theme for the party….. PAW PATROL!

Paw Patrol on the double.. and it was planned at a fast pace. The first big mission was to find a venue. When looking at venues it took at least two weeks to find a place that would allow for all vendors, guests and be within budget. Thankfully, there was a family member that worked at the local YMCA to provide the gym at a discounted rate. Catering was tossed around but the client was wanting the gym to be fully decorated. So instead, food was prepped at home and served onsite at the party. This helped with service charges and delivery fees from catering companies.

For decorations, the client liked the look for chair covers and table linens to be spandex. It had a clean, polished look that the client was going for. There was also a glitter sleeve added to the back of the chair to “jazz” it up. To add more fun to the chairs, character mask of Skye and Everest were added to every other chair to signify more of the Paw Patrol theme. The centerpieces were simple and fun as it had gift boxes, tissue paper and character pictures/piñatas. Each seating had a gift bag full of goodies with charger, desert plate, napkin and cup.


The dessert table was the center attraction to the whole party! A personalized backdrop of the birthday girl was added as delicious fun treats were being displayed. Carmel apples, personalized cookies, rice crispy treats, cupcakes, cake pops, strawberries and a beautiful cake were ready to be served. Die cut character images were placed around the table with a few accent balloon columns. It was so pretty, most guests didn’t want to touch it.



Guests got to experience so many fun activities! A DJ was playing top hits the entire party. Kids were able to enjoy the bounce house, face painter, basketball and celebrity guests of Paw Patrol’s finest: Skye, Everest and Chase. As if that wasn’t enough, kids were able to get more of a “sugar high” on the cotton candy and popcorn being served. Adults and kids were enjoying the party dancing the afternoon away.


For a first birthday it was, over the top. It was a fun celebration of the sweet, little birthday girl. As a planner, it was so exhilarating to watch all of my hard work come to life. Of course lessons were learned such as venue options, vendor rentals and decoration expenses. When planning of course you prepare to have the “perfect” event BUT plans change. It’s okay for them to change. I have learned to have a backup plan for all circumstances. An emergency kit is brought with me for ALL events; bandaids being one of the many items. For example at the event, a bubble machine was rented as kids were able to pop bubbles while dancing. A mat was laid so the bubbles would catch on the mat instead of the hardwood floors. In the aftermath, kids were sliding all over the hard wood floors from the soapy bubbles causing a falling hazard. Needless to say I am NOT a fan of a bubble machine unless it is going to be for an outside event.

Being a first event for One Fat Dove, I would have been terrified if the birthday party went 100% perfect. There were lessons needed to be learned. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill a successful event as a business but to complete a chapter for the client. When the event was over, honestly I was relieved. The doubt and anxiety I once had disappeared. I felt I had accomplished something BIG! There was this enormous, BRIGHT ray of light shinning and it was a feeling of being hopeful. One Fat Dove has so many more lessons needing to be taught. There will be obstacles of anxiety but always learning to enjoy the sweet little things!

Love you bushels,



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