Oh the sweet, little things…

YA’LL!!!!! Have you been without your cell phone for a solid week?!? I am not talking about when you were younger and the pa-rentals would take your phone away because you flunked your biology test. I am talking about as an adult working for your source of income and the phone is the lifeline to make the money. Let me say it is freaking NUTS! A full, flipping week of no phone and having to do all communication on my computer. I have a strong sense of knowing now more than ever technology is so amazing but the Devil at the same time.

Let me give you the low down…. I am the biggest klutz in the whole freaking universe. (Seriously, talking to a girl who broke her ankle from walking… no joke!) Needless to say, I dropped my phone one too many times and the screen cracked. It wasn’t even bad, you could barely tell there was a crack. However, my sweet, darling 6-month old puppy, decided to start liking chew toys way to expensive for my taste. She got a hold of my life support and bit down on the screen perfect enough to see two little bitty bit marks. Of course, I have a passcode lock on my screen with 6 digits and only 5 of the numbers working to unlock my phone. With not enough luck on my side, the face lock was not working either. A quick trip to the AT&T store, 3 whole flipping days later and an insurance phone, still there was NOTHING I could do. My phone’s backup was not going to transfer everything over because my iCloud’s last backup was MAY of 2017! NOT COOL!!!! So finally after begging to God 4 days later, tears and an all day trip to the Apple store I was able to have my precious, expensive equipment back in my hands.

Magnolia AKA the culprit!

However, I learned some very important lessons:

  1. It is SUPER important to protect your phone. In this last predicament I bought a really cute, silicon blush pink case found at Target. It looked like it would protect my phone and something durable to be able to carry around anywhere I went. However, I quickly found my phone case would fall apart with only a few weeks of having it. At the time it wasn’t important for me to get a new one. However, I will NOT wait ever again. I am even looking at the option of getting a glass protector for my screen! Its wicked cheap and easy to replace.
  2. Be knowledgable of your phone. This sounds odd because EVERYONE knows how to work an iPhone. However, when you get the updates of “BACKUP YOUR PHONE STUPID, IT’S BEEN A YEAR!” please do what it says. There is so many things that change and happen. Communication is crucial in any work environment and it is up to YOU to keep it organized. Needless to say, I have a backup, new iCloud and phone is linked to my computer to receive ALL messages.
  3. Honestly ya’ll, I was on my phone WAY TOO MUCH.  It was the first thing I would wake up to in the mornings and the last thing I would look at night. There were so many times Shawn would tell me to put my phone down. I made excuses to him saying “I need to get creative content, looking at ideas for client, needing to take picture for website, etc.” Having to look at your phone there is always a time and place. It’s not during work, school or date nights. Its on your free time! Learn to do something more productive like reading a book (because you can’t read enough!), go to the gym, actually have a conversation during dates, snuggle by the fire, whatever just don’t have the “blue lights” in your face all the time.
  4. Being away from my phone gave me more of my own creative thoughts. When constantly looking at Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, you tend to start replicating in some form of what other people were doing. It gave me time to come up with a plan to expand ideas for social marketing. Let me just say, its going to be AH-MAZING!

Having a healthy balance of work and personal life is so hard! You stress because you NEED to have a phone but also learn its not the MOST important thing. Having positive attitude will turn any crappy situation into something to grow from. It’s the sweet, little things… +++ it makes for a good Marley and Me story!

Gigi (Mom), Magnolia (Baby), BoBo (Dad)… My little boxer family!

The Newly Married Mr. & Mrs. Moreno

As if I don’t say it enough but ya’ll, I have the best clients EVER! I get the absolute privilege to help with the most important day. I get to see the sweet, little moments of Dad watching his little girl become a lady and the moment when the groom looks at his happily ever after. Even while working and watching these moments happen, I start to tear up! They are such sweet, happy moments to be apart of. When it comes to Victory and Ryan’s wedding, you couldn’t help but notice the sweet, little things.


Victory’s mom, Mrs. Deborah hired me ONE WEEK before the wedding! Long story short,  a family friend was supposed to help coordinate the wedding and broke her ankle. In a panic with little left in the budget, Mrs. Deborah reached out to me.  She was so sweet wanting to make the wedding feel so special for her daughter and the groom. It was my job to ensure her everything was going to be okay. Which it was because I have never seen a client so organized! Ya’ll Mrs. Deborah had a timeline that was 6 pages long!! I am not kidding. Like I always thought my timelines were usually long around 2-3 pages BUT she had 6 pages! Even when I went to the house to help with prep of organizing boxes, she had everything packed with linens pressed and folded. Labels were slapped on each container of what the items were and where it was to be displayed. She was an organized GURU! Needless to say, I feel in love with her immediately.



Before everyone knew it, the week flew by and the day was officially here. The ceremony was so pretty under the gazebo with rose petals scattered down the aisle and wine barrels drapped with beautiful flower arrangements. A violinist was serenading all guests and bridal party as they would walk down the aisle. Communion was the unity for the bride and groom to declare their marriage with Christ. It was definitely a tear jerker FO-SHO!

During the reception it was amazing to get to know staff members of the venue and to work with some amazing vendors. All guests, bridal party and vendors were happy to be apart of Victory and Ryan’s wedding. The food was of course amazing from La Madeline’s (which is my favorite Sunday hot spot). Some pretty awesome stories were given from Ryan’s Dad about the love he has for his son. The cake was 100% the best cake I had EVER, EVER had! The bridal party was fun to work with even though there was a lot of teasing from one groomsmen in particular. (Yup, you know who you are!) There was no shortage of dancing as all guests were ready to celebrate. Finally, the “Grand Exit” was the most memorable with bubbles and a car battery dead. Making the getaway a little delayed.

But hey…. its the sweet, little moments that make life more interesting.

Love you bushels,


One of the many sweet, little moments from my wedding… When my bestie of over 12 years caught the bouquet.

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