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Giddy up ya’ll as the end of 1st quarter is almost to a close! A promise I made for 2019 goals was to keep track of myself to see what I am accomplishing vs. the improvements still needing to be made. I will say it is a continuing effort everyday to work on myself. There is so many times I focus on others or events. I feel it is a trait I get from my Momma. Thanks Heather! 


So here is my up to date recap of my PROS and CONS.

PROS: I have become very deligient with making sure I am cooking more. Originially I would find recipes on Pinterest and thought they looked so easy. I would go to the store and buy all these weird ingredients and NEVER used them again. Part of it was I didn’t know how else to use various ingredients. I kept hearing about a company called Hello Fresh. They send ingredients with recipes to your front door that is perfectly proportioned for your meals. It’s not precooked for you and you get to learn more about cooking while YOU are making these delicious meals. Needless to say Shawn and I have been HOOKED!!!! We recommend it to everyone and consider it a date night when we work on cooking a meal together. Click on the link to receive $40 OFF your 1st order! Very super fun!

At the beginning of the year, I thought it was super important for me to create a schedule. I say this very generously as it is still a work in progress but I feel like it is getting there. I don’t like waking up super early so when Shawn wakes up at 6:45am, I am up! For a morning routine I like to take care of the dogs with feedings, make coffee, turn on the news, pack Shawn’s lunch, make the bed, do dishes or laundry and check emails. This seems to be more of my daily pattern. Depending on my workload, I will take an afternoon break to go workout or will even take a nap! Again still a work in progress.

A professional and personal goal I had for myself was to be more organized. Being organized has a huge factor for work because I do my business from home. I will be honest there has been a few times when I couldn’t walk in my office without stepping on papers. In my garage, I would make a path for all the materials to be eventually stored away. When looking at the chaos and mess it started to reflect myself. I needed to start with organizing my life before I started doing MORE new things. Each day keeps getting better!

As I am still continuing to bust my bootie, I have encountered on some pretty amazing relationships. Clients and vendors have been stellar to work with! In return this has kept me motivated to building more of an engagement with my audience. I am loving all the new support and can’t wait for future events together. #firstwivesclub #girlgang


CONS: Ya’ll I am definitely more of a positive person than negative BUT lets be real. I would do anything else than besides going to workout. I really do try and make it a goal for myself. Everyday I keep it a goal! When I get the will power, I ALWAYS feel better after I get done with the workout. BUT THEN, there are times I am so tired I want to prop my feet up and cuddle the puppies. Other times go drink champagne. If you were in my shoes which would you choose puppies & champagne or workout?!

A battle I seem to be facing is being more present. Yes I will watch the news, interact more in person versus my phone but at times I feel uncertainty. Like I am so curious to know how people live their life. WTF. My question is always why? Why do I value what others are living versus counting my own blessings? I have a wonderful husband, a super supportive family and a business continuing to grow. It is everything I have hoped for and still feel like I need to be checking other people’s feed. There is definitely plenty of room for improvement.


March has been a way to play catch up. It hasn’t been nearly as crazy as the month prior but still steady! Again, when reflecting on myself I knew there was a lot of things I needed to organize. I have felt inspired and started doing projects around my home. Has it stopped me from doing OFD Events, OF COURSE NOT!



We kicked off March with a new styled shoot named Vintage Cowgirl! It was the first time I interacted with other animals besides my dogs at a photoshoot. The only way to describe the experience I had was magical. Below is the inspiration board.


BEB Collab with OFD

Victoria Noble who happens to be a dear, sweet vendor/friend/client had the opportunity to collaborate together! We wanted to create a concept to show our love of yellow while making it look elegant. We knew we didn’t want to make it your typical farm, horse inspo but we wanted to capture the essence of what nature brings. Using natural light really helps with illustrating a story between a couple or bride with the love of horses. The horses ya’ll were so amazing as personalities really did shine through. I can honestly say I never thought of having to worry about the flowers being eaten!




The details of the table arrangement was completely goal worthy! I started working with some new vendors who embodied the same concepts as I do. The way vintage meets crystal makes it become unique whimsical pieces. Please feel free to check out One Fat Dove’s Instagram page for more pictures!


A very special thank you to the vendors who participated in the styled shoot. Please make sure to go follow on Instagram!

Videographer: @jrowfilms ⠀⠀
Florist: @brighteyedblooms ⠀⠀
Coordinator: @onefatdove ⠀⠀
Photographers: @shelbynicolephoto & @kendyllbphotography⠀⠀
Table & Chair Rentals: @5starrental ⠀
Tabletop Rentals: @wabisabi_vintage
Stationery: @crackedglitter ⠀⠀
HMUA: @phoenixbeautyteam ⠀⠀
Venue: @benbrookstables⠀



For the month of March, OFD had the wedding of Mrs. & Mrs. Hyde. The happy couple wanted to go with neutral colors of greens, white, gold and cooper. Little details were shown with the plates showcasing the HYDE last name. SOOO CUTE!!! Wedding guests were able to party the night away with great music, drinks and many laughs. Cheers to the newlyweds! Venue is at The Springs at Rockwall Manor.




Ya’ll I am so excited to say not only have we been published but we have been published TWICE! NUMERO FREAKIN’ DOS!!!

FIRST, publisher is with Dallas Voyage. From what I gather they are in every major city announcing new and upcoming businesses. They got a referral from another girl boss who I LOVE named Sarah Donaldson. Getting the email I was entirely skeptical because I didn’t know who was messaging and if it was real. During the interview I felt very comfortable and started seeing more posts. I actually started hoping for it to get published. Needless to say the article is out and I am so pumped with how it turned out! Here is the link to check out OFD’s article.


SECOND, the styled shoot showcased last month called 24K Love has officially been PUBLISHED! What was so bananas is I found out about the publishings on the SAME FLIPPIN’ DAY!!! When God has a plan, it really shines through. Check out the link for the Ultimate Wedding Inspiration for white and airy.



If you don’t listen to podcasts, YOU TOTALLY NEED TO! I am so hooked on business, motivational and crime podcasts. Heck, I hardly listen to music anymore! For being such a busy person my mind is usually all over the place. If I can think about what other people are saying to me then I wonder less into my own thoughts. One of my favorite podcasts I listen to happen to be two awesome chicks in the local Dallas area. Sara and Maddie are the ultimate girl babes behind the podcast called The Pretty Filter. Their mantra is to bring the prettiest, most authentic self. I have been a HUGE fan for a long time and often get excited for a new episode every week. They contacted me a few weeks ago to do a recording and had the best time!!! You can check out my episode here! If you want to listen to more episodes go to Instagram @theprettyfilterpodcast or subscribe to Apple Podcasts.



If you can’t tell already March has been a super rad blessing. There are times I feel God is with me in every step. In only 10 months, he has given me so much wisdom, so much encouragement and above all so much love. April is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to show y’all what OFD has been working on. GO LOVE SOMEBODY TODAY!!!

Love you bushels,



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