Episode 1- Happy Birthday Katie Mae!

Even though you know Katie as being the brains behind the OFD name, the wisdom comes from the women in her family. Co-Host Heather Brown also known as Katie’s mother takes listeners behind the scenes as they talk about life and servicing clients.

It is so no surprise who the inspiration is behind the OFD name. Katie Mae was the sweet southern belle who helped morph our bluegrass roots to become the strong ladies we are today. It only makes sense for us to take on a new adventure starting on her birthday. Not just any birthday it would have been her 100th! Listen to hear more stories about her and the love she shared with family and Jesus.

Love you bushels,



One thought on “Episode 1- Happy Birthday Katie Mae!

  1. Kim Fenton says:

    This makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY. Hearing you and my sweet friend! You have the greatest role model and inspiration Katie! I love you both!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

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