SISTER FRIENDS! It was so much fun recording this episode. Kalyn Mastin is such a sweet “friendor” of mine as she has been someone I have looked up to since starting OFD. Of course we talk about loved ones, the nuisance of social media but hospitality deaths? THAT’S A NEW ONE! Listen and subscribe now.

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Photography Credits: Kalyn She Photography
Instagram: @kalynshaephotography
Facebook: @kalynshaephotography

With all good fairy tales lets start the blog with…

Once upon a time, there was this wicked awesome photographer named Karrie. She had this wonderful idea of wanting to incorporate different wedding details into a styled shoot. One of which was to have a blue wedding dress versus the classic white. From a mutual point of contact, she reached out to me where I instantly feel in love!

Being a Disney fanatic myself, I felt the shoot would have more of a Cinderella vibe. Now Karrie specializes in having vibrant and moody photos, so during the planning I thought it would be a nice contrast to have softer colors. Lately I have been obsessing with wedding colors of blues, pinks and greens.

It was VERY important to showcase a love story. Erin with Words Made Semple added envelope inserts and a detail card of the famous love song “Because You Loved Me” by Celion Dion. When designing your invitation suite, you don’t have to have bold expensive pieces to make your suite memorable. You can use different inks and color paper to show the important wedding details.

If I haven’t made it clear before I will make it abundantly clear now. I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH DETAILED PHOTOS!!! I can’t get over how such small details showcase a wedding to its fullest. Let me say I really wish more planners and brides would take the time to add little pieces just for these photos. During the planning process a bride will spend so much time deciding how invitations, menus, name cards and save the dates should look that they are often forgotten. Add small pieces of vintage ribbon with wedding flowers to make these images pop. When planning ask your photographer if they have detailed backdrops or if not please provide your own. Don’t forget to use images of your favorite accessories of shoes and diamonds. Did you see the tiara for a wedding band? #goals

To keep this fairy tale alive, I wanted to add romantic details to the tabletop decorations. Taper candles are a big love of mine; however, most venues will not allow for you to have an open flame. The electric or better known as dripless candles work great for weddings especially if you are wanting to recreate the setting. To clarify, for the photo shoot it was fine to have an open flame considering the flame was only for a short period. Tapers were placed on various heights of old books to create the staggering look. Remember love stories are a “tale as old as time.” I wanted the books to be the details versus a bunch of flowers. Notice there is no flowers but small amounts of greenery going across the center of table. Garland can be terribly expensive so Victoria with Bright Eyed Blooms used left over greenery to place around candles and books.

The table was six feet and enough to show for a place setting of four. Instead of using folded or chavari chairs, we used a bench with two vintage tufton upholstered chairs. I do love chargers under the dinner plates but I didn’t think it was necessary; I wanted simple and subtle details. So I used a clear glass plate, a linen napkin folded for a menu card, disposable silverware and tall stem champagne flutes.

Now I feel this can sound contradicting but hear me out. I love having colors for table linens instead of your basic colors of white, ivory and black. I also really love having table runners but I wanted to add different details besides having one table runner going across the table. The runners used in images are called cheesecloth and often come in short measurements where multiple are used to create the draped images. Now using a basic color for the table linen, I feel the cheesecloth was able to show more. I used multiple pieces of the cheesecloth to weave throughout the table to go across the table vertically and horizontally.

Love all the chandeliers!

When planning photo shoots one of the hardest things is finding a couple who is off during the week days. Most venues will not allow for you to do a photoshoot during the weekend considering those are wedding days. For me to find models I find it to be easier by posting on Facebook Groups. One of my favorites is Dallas Girl Gang. It just so happens the bride model Tiffany is a “friendor.” (Vendor/Friend…. Get it!) Long story short, she had been searching to do a photoshoot to celebrate five years of marriage with her husband Jared. Needless to say it felt right to have their love story in the images. They were able to reflect the love they have for each other be divine while looking AH-MAZING! They were able to get photos taken for FREE to celebrate their wedding anniversary. **Side note, not only is Tiffany a stunning model but she is a rocking awesome DJ!!!

To accomplish this look it was all thanks to Tease to Please. For hair details, I didn’t want to do an updo as I felt it would take away from the dress. So having full volume curls was perfect. Not to mention most brides don’t do just curls anymore! The makeup has soft pink eye shadow with a dewy highlighted finish. Tiffany did such a wonderful job with modeling the gown as it fit perfectly for her! The gown had an outer layer of blue sparkles shimmering the entire shoot. In my eyes, she was Cinderella.

BIBBIDY, BOBBODY BOO all the vendors and models took the vision of the shoot to make it come true. Thank you to the many Fairy Godmother’s: (Link will connect to vendors Instagram)

Photoshoot was featured on The Southern Social Texas blog! Click here for the direct link.

Cheers to a happily ever after!

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Life can be short and sweet, so why not create it in an episode! A MAJOR question OFD gets a lot of is styled freakin’ shoots. We love them and it is a great tool to get marketing engagements. Listen for some behind the scenes and lessons.

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Photography Credits: Shelby Nicole Photo

Summer has been good to One Fat Dove as we have continued to thrive with 2019 and for future 2020 events. For today’s blog post I wanted to feature one of my beloved newlyweds Nina and Chad Kahn. Back in December Nina, hired me within only a few minutes of talking. From start to finish she was easy and a joy to work with.

For the wedding colors, she decided on having soft colors of blue, white, greens, and subtle details of gold. There was a simple elegance to the wedding as there were small details radiating throughout the venue. For starters, Chad (the groom) made the cake stand and the wooden signs!

One of the newer trends I have started seeing is coming up with a creative way to escort guests to tables and seats. Even though there wasn’t a huge number of guests all the little details were very important to Nina. So finding some old window blinds was perfect! It was so easy to setup as they folded in and a BIG plus they were light weight.

Decorations for the outdoor ceremony was classic with chair markers and petals cascading down the aisle. With the wedding being in August, it was absolutely a gorgeous day. With it being hot there was complimentary waters for guests to stay hydrated and to cool off with program fans. Joined one as family, the happy couple wanted to commemorate a loved one who was watching over them. During the ceremony there were happy tears and giggles as everyone was ready to celebrate the unity of Nina and Chad.

Look at that dip though…… We see you!!!

Inside the reception hall tables were dressed with blue table clothes instead of the simple white. There was also a beautiful spread of greenery with candles, lanterns and white chavari chairs. The guest book matched the wedding invitations and programs with a water color piece of the venue. Cheesecloth table runners were able to be draped on the wooden parson tables and the sweet heart table. As a gift, guests were able to take home koozies with a drawing of the couple’s four-legged friend Colt.

Not going to lie during the reception, I was balling! The groom was having a sweet moment with his mother during their dance and he started crying. Needless to say I am a softy for a man who cries and it was precious. For the father, daughter dance the bride did a choregraphed dance routine that had everyone up on their feet. Side note: one of my favorite catering companies is Patriotic Pig who does BBQ. Literally everything that I have had is stellar and they have such a cute catering setup to match the guest decor. Guests were able to have some amazing sweet treats of cake and late night popsicles. There was a photoset of an old vintage truck with the sign of #kickingitwiththekahns. As the night rolled around, the truck was able to be used as the getaway car as bubbles were blowing saying some sweet goodbyes.

Let me make a statement… when you have a nice venue, you don’t have to have a lot of decorations! This is fact people and the Kahn wedding surely proved this. The venue was a beautiful, blank canvas. With the details Nina wanted, it highlighted the features of the venue. All vendors did a wonderful job making sure the day was ran completely smooth. Vendor list is below with direct links to instagram:

Venue: @springsvenue

Coordinator: @onefatdove

HMUA: @baleighkerrmakeup
Photography: @kalynshaephotography

Videography: @4500films

Florist: @trfloral

Bakery: @backhomebakery

Sweet Treats: @steelcitypopsfw

DJ: @allaccessdj

Catering: @patrioticpigweddings

Linens: @amlinenrental

Bridal Gown: @blissbridal @morileeofficial

To Nina and Chad, I pray you have a marriage full of love, hope and compassion. Stay patient in times of worry and to be kind in times of sorrow. I am so happy for you both and thank you for the opportunity for me to be apart of your happily ever after.

Love you bushels,


All photos used for this post is by Kalyn Shae Photography. Kalyn is one of my favorite photographers to work with as she is personable and honest. Thank you Kalyn for the beautiful images.

Hey girl hey! Sarah Donaldson is talking all things hair and makeup. Sarah is a sweet “frendor” as we talk ALL things events. We go into so much details of personal life, professional experiences and challenges. Find her on her social media platforms Instagram and Facebook @simplysarahjane.

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What the french toast ya’ll?!?! Literally was thinking to myself for several weeks, how I felt its been a while since my last blog post. When looking at my last published date, it showed for back in April. Not to mention it happened to be a post about the struggles of infertility. My bad on leaving you with an awful cliffhanger for months!

Let me be real, I went through an awful depression. The crying and eating my feelings away definitely took a toll. I held myself back from work and was not acting myself at all. Originally, I wanted to go through IVF right away but then I started to see so many other doors open. After much consideration and prayers, Shawn and I decided there was no rush. We knew we needed to glue our life back together. With that…


Clearly there is so much I need to catch you up on. If you don’t already follow OFD on Instagram and Facebook. Click on the links and freakin’ go like and follow my ass! Not to toot my own horn but yo girl has some fantastic images from a great group of photographers.


As you know back in March I did my first ever podcast airing. It was so much fun to interact with others and really just to talk about how OFD was continuing growth. I have always been intrigued with podcasts mainly listening to crime, thrillers, business coaching and motivational influencers. Knowing I needed to get involved with podcasts, I decided to have one for One Fat Dove.

Starting I knew I wanted to have my business confidant, best friend and my Matron of Honor to be a co-host on the podcast. If y’all didn’t guess its Momma Heather. (Shame on you if you didn’t know!) Ya’ll its super small and our first few episodes we were “testing the waters.” Originally we wanted to keep it super professional and make it where we talk about all things lifestyle. We thought it would be cool for listeners to engage with us while running a start-up company as we continue to grow. So ya’ll could follow our journey as we learn some tough lessons and to share successes.

Listening back on episodes, I felt like we weren’t being raw and real. Let me tell ya it was way too hard to NOT say SH*T! So after some deliberation we have concluded that our podcast WILL TOTALLY involve cussing, bitching, debating and tons of love in between. Currently, we have a small audience on Apple Podcasts. Click on this LINK PLEASE. Listen, Subscribe and Rate… along with our other 20 something listeners. I have even made it easy for you to listen on the OFD website. (Love you mean it!)


So since beginning of April, we have had twelve events, two styled shoots, adding a new service of linen rentals and one much needed vacation. I promise I will not go into all details of each wedding now… I will save it for later! We have engaged with so many new vendors and have really made life-long friendships with clients. In all, I am so blessed to say, “Our journey is just beginning.” We are continuing to grow including hiring more planners to the team. In case you didn’t feel my excitement, having more planners means doing more events! Rad right?!

In addition to having more team members, we also have some new exciting plans. We have new collaborations, doing a travel photoshoot and expanding the business. If it has been one thing I have learned quickly in the events industry, DO NOT TELL ANY OR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS IDEAS!! While there is some ah-mazing individuals in the industry there is also some freakin’ savages. I wish I could tell you what is to come but I am keeping my fat mouth shut. Be patient and know its good…. like really good.


A Gatsby Affair

The party of love shoot was inspired by the 1920s and the beautiful classic Great Gatsby. I wanted to take a modern spin from a 100 years later (going into 2020) having a story of romance and fun. In the old sport fashion, the celebration was in the elegant country side mansion as the wedding party was able to ride in style. Vows would be exchanged under a drapery of flowers with the ceremony surrounded by candles. As the reception proceeded, the table top décor showcases different patterns and textures while they drank champagne under the “stars.” The richness of gemstone colors is reflected of diamond white, amethyst, emerald, topaz and sapphire.

Vendors included the following:

Wedding Planner: One Fat Dove

Photography: JL Glamour

Videography: Creatve Wedding Films

Venue: The Milestone Denton

Florist: Bright Eyed Blooms

Wedding Cake: Ruthi Hutson Cakes

Invitations: Sincerely, Addison

Rentals: 5 Star Rental

Bridal Gown Boutique: WED Bridal Boutique

Tuxedo Rental: Mister Tuxedo

Hair Artist: Simply Sarah Jane

Makeup Artist: Rouge and Rose Beauty

Transportation: Romantic Remembrances

Jewelry Accessories: Park Lane Jewerly

Band: Intensity Entertainment 

Calligraphy: Write This Way

I truly enjoyed working with a large platform of super talented vendors. Each vendor took an incredible leap and trust into the vision. Of course Justin with Creatve Wedding Films does a wonderful job of showcasing the glam and fun from the shoot. During the photoshoot, I was inspired for a new podcast episode. Trust me, its one you will NOT want to miss as I get questions on this subject ALL THE TIME!

There are so many stories we have from the previous months! I absolutely want to make more time to do blog posts. (I swear!) I find there is a lot of stories I don’t say on social media or the podcast that would reflect good content for the blog. In all honesty, I could definitely do better with my time in making this a priority.

Everything that is said and done for OFD is all ran through me! Katie freakin’ Waara… ME. This journey has been a way of going through a juggling act. In one hand I have professional admirations of growing the business, managing current clients while engaging new and controlling business investments. In the other hand I have my professional life where I have a hard time managing laundry, forgetting to wash my hair and LIVING on caffeine/wine. At times there seems to be no balance but F**K it, its called LIFE!

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Being in the events industry is a passion fulfilled business. We feel very passionate about giving all clients a good bang for their buck. Every couple getting married has the same question, why the eff’ is shit so expensive? It causes stress and leaving a lot of brides feeling like they aren’t able to get the full wedding they have dreamed of. Sit back and listen up as we go over a few vendors of why it gets a little pricey.

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Welcome back BAE-BY! Ya’ll we think it was more than time to come in with an episode uncensored. There is little things being debated with the events industry. Instead of coming at ya with the professional clean version we gave you the dirty raw truth! Listen, rate and subscribe ya’ll freakin’ freaks.

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THE Mother Daughter podcast is back in action! After spending almost two weeks apart they reflect on events and talk about the importance of setting goals. Giving personal insight on such a passionate topic while reflecting on Kentucky roots.

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When starting OFD, we wanted the passion for events to reflect on future clients. Having the “pursuit of going for your passions” has been a mission statement as the business keeps growing. When bringing on interviews, we want the individuals to reflect the same traits. Rebekah Laskowski not only embodies this for her professional life as a photographer BUT she radiates this life style to her four kids. With THE Rachel Hollis following her on Instagram, you know she brings on the southern charm in a fierce fashion. Please follow Bekah’s personal Instagram @rebekah.laskowski or professional @sweetgsphotography.

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Bekah, Sam and their four kiddos (left to right) Goldie, Georgia, Griffin, Gwyneth