Cinderella’s Happily Ever After: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

With all good fairy tales lets start the blog with…

Once upon a time, there was this wicked awesome photographer named Karrie. She had this wonderful idea of wanting to incorporate different wedding details into a styled shoot. One of which was to have a blue wedding dress versus the classic white. From a mutual point of contact, she reached out to me where I instantly feel in love!

Being a Disney fanatic myself, I felt the shoot would have more of a Cinderella vibe. Now Karrie specializes in having vibrant and moody photos, so during the planning I thought it would be a nice contrast to have softer colors. Lately I have been obsessing with wedding colors of blues, pinks and greens.

It was VERY important to showcase a love story. Erin with Words Made Semple added envelope inserts and a detail card of the famous love song “Because You Loved Me” by Celion Dion. When designing your invitation suite, you don’t have to have bold expensive pieces to make your suite memorable. You can use different inks and color paper to show the important wedding details.

If I haven’t made it clear before I will make it abundantly clear now. I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH DETAILED PHOTOS!!! I can’t get over how such small details showcase a wedding to its fullest. Let me say I really wish more planners and brides would take the time to add little pieces just for these photos. During the planning process a bride will spend so much time deciding how invitations, menus, name cards and save the dates should look that they are often forgotten. Add small pieces of vintage ribbon with wedding flowers to make these images pop. When planning ask your photographer if they have detailed backdrops or if not please provide your own. Don’t forget to use images of your favorite accessories of shoes and diamonds. Did you see the tiara for a wedding band? #goals

To keep this fairy tale alive, I wanted to add romantic details to the tabletop decorations. Taper candles are a big love of mine; however, most venues will not allow for you to have an open flame. The electric or better known as dripless candles work great for weddings especially if you are wanting to recreate the setting. To clarify, for the photo shoot it was fine to have an open flame considering the flame was only for a short period. Tapers were placed on various heights of old books to create the staggering look. Remember love stories are a “tale as old as time.” I wanted the books to be the details versus a bunch of flowers. Notice there is no flowers but small amounts of greenery going across the center of table. Garland can be terribly expensive so Victoria with Bright Eyed Blooms used left over greenery to place around candles and books.

The table was six feet and enough to show for a place setting of four. Instead of using folded or chavari chairs, we used a bench with two vintage tufton upholstered chairs. I do love chargers under the dinner plates but I didn’t think it was necessary; I wanted simple and subtle details. So I used a clear glass plate, a linen napkin folded for a menu card, disposable silverware and tall stem champagne flutes.

Now I feel this can sound contradicting but hear me out. I love having colors for table linens instead of your basic colors of white, ivory and black. I also really love having table runners but I wanted to add different details besides having one table runner going across the table. The runners used in images are called cheesecloth and often come in short measurements where multiple are used to create the draped images. Now using a basic color for the table linen, I feel the cheesecloth was able to show more. I used multiple pieces of the cheesecloth to weave throughout the table to go across the table vertically and horizontally.

Love all the chandeliers!

When planning photo shoots one of the hardest things is finding a couple who is off during the week days. Most venues will not allow for you to do a photoshoot during the weekend considering those are wedding days. For me to find models I find it to be easier by posting on Facebook Groups. One of my favorites is Dallas Girl Gang. It just so happens the bride model Tiffany is a “friendor.” (Vendor/Friend…. Get it!) Long story short, she had been searching to do a photoshoot to celebrate five years of marriage with her husband Jared. Needless to say it felt right to have their love story in the images. They were able to reflect the love they have for each other be divine while looking AH-MAZING! They were able to get photos taken for FREE to celebrate their wedding anniversary. **Side note, not only is Tiffany a stunning model but she is a rocking awesome DJ!!!

To accomplish this look it was all thanks to Tease to Please. For hair details, I didn’t want to do an updo as I felt it would take away from the dress. So having full volume curls was perfect. Not to mention most brides don’t do just curls anymore! The makeup has soft pink eye shadow with a dewy highlighted finish. Tiffany did such a wonderful job with modeling the gown as it fit perfectly for her! The gown had an outer layer of blue sparkles shimmering the entire shoot. In my eyes, she was Cinderella.

BIBBIDY, BOBBODY BOO all the vendors and models took the vision of the shoot to make it come true. Thank you to the many Fairy Godmother’s: (Link will connect to vendors Instagram)

Photoshoot was featured on The Southern Social Texas blog! Click here for the direct link.

Cheers to a happily ever after!

Love you bushels,



Kicking it with the Kahns

Summer has been good to One Fat Dove as we have continued to thrive with 2019 and for future 2020 events. For today’s blog post I wanted to feature one of my beloved newlyweds Nina and Chad Kahn. Back in December Nina, hired me within only a few minutes of talking. From start to finish she was easy and a joy to work with.

For the wedding colors, she decided on having soft colors of blue, white, greens, and subtle details of gold. There was a simple elegance to the wedding as there were small details radiating throughout the venue. For starters, Chad (the groom) made the cake stand and the wooden signs!

One of the newer trends I have started seeing is coming up with a creative way to escort guests to tables and seats. Even though there wasn’t a huge number of guests all the little details were very important to Nina. So finding some old window blinds was perfect! It was so easy to setup as they folded in and a BIG plus they were light weight.

Decorations for the outdoor ceremony was classic with chair markers and petals cascading down the aisle. With the wedding being in August, it was absolutely a gorgeous day. With it being hot there was complimentary waters for guests to stay hydrated and to cool off with program fans. Joined one as family, the happy couple wanted to commemorate a loved one who was watching over them. During the ceremony there were happy tears and giggles as everyone was ready to celebrate the unity of Nina and Chad.

Look at that dip though…… We see you!!!

Inside the reception hall tables were dressed with blue table clothes instead of the simple white. There was also a beautiful spread of greenery with candles, lanterns and white chavari chairs. The guest book matched the wedding invitations and programs with a water color piece of the venue. Cheesecloth table runners were able to be draped on the wooden parson tables and the sweet heart table. As a gift, guests were able to take home koozies with a drawing of the couple’s four-legged friend Colt.

Not going to lie during the reception, I was balling! The groom was having a sweet moment with his mother during their dance and he started crying. Needless to say I am a softy for a man who cries and it was precious. For the father, daughter dance the bride did a choregraphed dance routine that had everyone up on their feet. Side note: one of my favorite catering companies is Patriotic Pig who does BBQ. Literally everything that I have had is stellar and they have such a cute catering setup to match the guest decor. Guests were able to have some amazing sweet treats of cake and late night popsicles. There was a photoset of an old vintage truck with the sign of #kickingitwiththekahns. As the night rolled around, the truck was able to be used as the getaway car as bubbles were blowing saying some sweet goodbyes.

Let me make a statement… when you have a nice venue, you don’t have to have a lot of decorations! This is fact people and the Kahn wedding surely proved this. The venue was a beautiful, blank canvas. With the details Nina wanted, it highlighted the features of the venue. All vendors did a wonderful job making sure the day was ran completely smooth. Vendor list is below with direct links to instagram:

Venue: @springsvenue

Coordinator: @onefatdove

HMUA: @baleighkerrmakeup
Photography: @kalynshaephotography

Videography: @4500films

Florist: @trfloral

Bakery: @backhomebakery

Sweet Treats: @steelcitypopsfw

DJ: @allaccessdj

Catering: @patrioticpigweddings

Linens: @amlinenrental

Bridal Gown: @blissbridal @morileeofficial

To Nina and Chad, I pray you have a marriage full of love, hope and compassion. Stay patient in times of worry and to be kind in times of sorrow. I am so happy for you both and thank you for the opportunity for me to be apart of your happily ever after.

Love you bushels,


All photos used for this post is by Kalyn Shae Photography. Kalyn is one of my favorite photographers to work with as she is personable and honest. Thank you Kalyn for the beautiful images.

Comin’ in HOT!

What the french toast ya’ll?!?! Literally was thinking to myself for several weeks, how I felt its been a while since my last blog post. When looking at my last published date, it showed for back in April. Not to mention it happened to be a post about the struggles of infertility. My bad on leaving you with an awful cliffhanger for months!

Let me be real, I went through an awful depression. The crying and eating my feelings away definitely took a toll. I held myself back from work and was not acting myself at all. Originally, I wanted to go through IVF right away but then I started to see so many other doors open. After much consideration and prayers, Shawn and I decided there was no rush. We knew we needed to glue our life back together. With that…


Clearly there is so much I need to catch you up on. If you don’t already follow OFD on Instagram and Facebook. Click on the links and freakin’ go like and follow my ass! Not to toot my own horn but yo girl has some fantastic images from a great group of photographers.


As you know back in March I did my first ever podcast airing. It was so much fun to interact with others and really just to talk about how OFD was continuing growth. I have always been intrigued with podcasts mainly listening to crime, thrillers, business coaching and motivational influencers. Knowing I needed to get involved with podcasts, I decided to have one for One Fat Dove.

Starting I knew I wanted to have my business confidant, best friend and my Matron of Honor to be a co-host on the podcast. If y’all didn’t guess its Momma Heather. (Shame on you if you didn’t know!) Ya’ll its super small and our first few episodes we were “testing the waters.” Originally we wanted to keep it super professional and make it where we talk about all things lifestyle. We thought it would be cool for listeners to engage with us while running a start-up company as we continue to grow. So ya’ll could follow our journey as we learn some tough lessons and to share successes.

Listening back on episodes, I felt like we weren’t being raw and real. Let me tell ya it was way too hard to NOT say SH*T! So after some deliberation we have concluded that our podcast WILL TOTALLY involve cussing, bitching, debating and tons of love in between. Currently, we have a small audience on Apple Podcasts. Click on this LINK PLEASE. Listen, Subscribe and Rate… along with our other 20 something listeners. I have even made it easy for you to listen on the OFD website. (Love you mean it!)


So since beginning of April, we have had twelve events, two styled shoots, adding a new service of linen rentals and one much needed vacation. I promise I will not go into all details of each wedding now… I will save it for later! We have engaged with so many new vendors and have really made life-long friendships with clients. In all, I am so blessed to say, “Our journey is just beginning.” We are continuing to grow including hiring more planners to the team. In case you didn’t feel my excitement, having more planners means doing more events! Rad right?!

In addition to having more team members, we also have some new exciting plans. We have new collaborations, doing a travel photoshoot and expanding the business. If it has been one thing I have learned quickly in the events industry, DO NOT TELL ANY OR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS IDEAS!! While there is some ah-mazing individuals in the industry there is also some freakin’ savages. I wish I could tell you what is to come but I am keeping my fat mouth shut. Be patient and know its good…. like really good.


A Gatsby Affair

The party of love shoot was inspired by the 1920s and the beautiful classic Great Gatsby. I wanted to take a modern spin from a 100 years later (going into 2020) having a story of romance and fun. In the old sport fashion, the celebration was in the elegant country side mansion as the wedding party was able to ride in style. Vows would be exchanged under a drapery of flowers with the ceremony surrounded by candles. As the reception proceeded, the table top décor showcases different patterns and textures while they drank champagne under the “stars.” The richness of gemstone colors is reflected of diamond white, amethyst, emerald, topaz and sapphire.

Vendors included the following:

Wedding Planner: One Fat Dove

Photography: JL Glamour

Videography: Creatve Wedding Films

Venue: The Milestone Denton

Florist: Bright Eyed Blooms

Wedding Cake: Ruthi Hutson Cakes

Invitations: Sincerely, Addison

Rentals: 5 Star Rental

Bridal Gown Boutique: WED Bridal Boutique

Tuxedo Rental: Mister Tuxedo

Hair Artist: Simply Sarah Jane

Makeup Artist: Rouge and Rose Beauty

Transportation: Romantic Remembrances

Jewelry Accessories: Park Lane Jewerly

Band: Intensity Entertainment 

Calligraphy: Write This Way

I truly enjoyed working with a large platform of super talented vendors. Each vendor took an incredible leap and trust into the vision. Of course Justin with Creatve Wedding Films does a wonderful job of showcasing the glam and fun from the shoot. During the photoshoot, I was inspired for a new podcast episode. Trust me, its one you will NOT want to miss as I get questions on this subject ALL THE TIME!

There are so many stories we have from the previous months! I absolutely want to make more time to do blog posts. (I swear!) I find there is a lot of stories I don’t say on social media or the podcast that would reflect good content for the blog. In all honesty, I could definitely do better with my time in making this a priority.

Everything that is said and done for OFD is all ran through me! Katie freakin’ Waara… ME. This journey has been a way of going through a juggling act. In one hand I have professional admirations of growing the business, managing current clients while engaging new and controlling business investments. In the other hand I have my professional life where I have a hard time managing laundry, forgetting to wash my hair and LIVING on caffeine/wine. At times there seems to be no balance but F**K it, its called LIFE!

Love you bushels,


Pregnancy is Not A Joke.

A girlfriend of mine posted on her stories a few weeks ago, “Life is not always perfect and sometimes that’s okay. Without struggle there is no growth and sometimes there are things you have to learn the hard way.” Ya’ll know I am such a super positive person. Ya’ll know I can give you pros and cons about anything. Often times, I can take the worst situations and make it be the happiest of times. This is what I value in myself! I value to enjoy what life comes to me.

A promise I made when starting my website was I will always be honest with you as my audience (no matter how small or large the platform I may have). As of recently, my words of reflecting the positive things in life has been majorly put to the test. Right now I will warn you my post today is going to be very raw. It is going to be super personal and reflect my emotions. Everyday and at every event I put myself in such a vulnerable position. This post is going to be me opening my heart to you. I think its extremely important for people to recognize and for other couples who may be experiencing the same things to feel they are not alone. My post today is talking about infertility.


Growing up, I had a wonderful childhood. My parents were always attentive with activities my siblings and I were in. They have always been supportive. Values of respect, discipline and encouragement were taught at a young age. The dreams I had were always taken seriously. They made wishes to reality and told me to keep reaching for more. The qualities my parents reflected towards my siblings was why I always wanted to be a Mommy.


Being a planner, I have ALWAYS planned for everything. I knew directly out of high school I wanted to go to college and get my degree. Being in a serious relationship with Shawn, I knew I didn’t want to get engaged until after I graduated (he waited a week later). Being engaged I knew I wanted to get married and have a house before we talked about having kids. Once we moved into our home, the goal was to wait a year before we started trying. I knew the women in my family didn’t have issues with getting pregnant and often joked about them getting pregnant from breathing. As Shawn and I were taking this journey we knew the plan I had would change. My plan started to become “OUR” plan. Once we moved into our house and had been married almost 4 months, we knew we wanted to start trying for a family.


In April of 2018, we took the leap of faith to pursue having a family. People reference it as the “fun part” of getting pregnant. People get excited leading up to when they get to pee on the stick in hopes of seeing two pink lines. I will be honest, it WAS fun for us the first few months. Leading up to seven, eight and nine months later the fun turned into disappointment. I thought maybe I was calculating my ovulation time wrong considering I was using an app. I switched from an app to taking ovulation test everyday within a month to see my most fertile times. When I knew my correct fertile days, I would keep myself positive thinking its only a matter of time. There have been plenty of times Shawn and I would be talking thinking I could be pregnant. At the closest opportunity I would take a pregnancy test. Often times would take two to three each month hoping the results would be different. Nothing changed, I was not pregnant. I will say brain power has a contributing factor when going through something difficult. Our minds have a way to help with balancing emotions versus facts. When going through dates and knowing my peek times something was not adding up. I needed to know what was stopping us from being able to have a baby.

March of 2019, we finally went to the doctor. We went through several tests and the results concluded we have very low chances of being able to conceive naturally. I could tell you who has what wrong BUT there is no point. The fact of the matter is no one is to blame. We can’t help our situation with the blockers we have for infertility and a lot of it has to do with our genes. The doctor has given us plenty of options such as IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) but due to our case, he finds IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) will be the better option. It’s an aggressive and very expensive option that will not be covered under insurance. With our options given, there is not a 100% guarantee it will work. It will take months of physical and financial preparation before we get try to have a mature egg. Chances of us having to go through multiple cycles is very likely.


Here is my emotions and the truth. Days before the appointment I was extremely anxious. In my heart, I knew I needed to prepare for what might be said. The moment the doctor told us the chances of us conceiving naturally would be low, I was choking back tears. Leaving the doctor’s office, our emotions were all over the place. Shawn had to go back to work to finish client deals while containing his emotions. Family members were waiting patiently for the test results as they knew about the appointment. Even as an adult, I needed my mom to comfort me. We drank wine and talked about what the odds were. We talked about what was to come and knowing this journey wasn’t going to be easy. She would explain to me how we could change certain habits to be able to go through a natural pregnancy. Knowing she was able to do it naturally, created a bitterness for me. Often in our conversation I would reference telling her that there is more to getting pregnant than just having sex. She would be crying as I would tell her she would never understand the feelings of what my husband and I are going through.

As I was driving home, I was crying. When I got home, I was crying. Thinking about mine and Shawn’s dream creating a large family, made me cry. Thinking of me being a mommy, made me cry. My eyes were so red, so puffy from the tears. Going into the next day, ended up being the same. If I thought too much of what was said or going into the thoughts of kids, I would start crying. When scrolling through social media, it felt all of these people were happy of the things their kids were doing or making the announcement of being pregnant for the first or fourth time. Out of all of these people, they have not experienced the tears, rage and jealousy I am facing. They get to have a choice to have as many children as they want and when to call it quits. In our situation, its really based off the miracles God can provide for us. Its going to be a long, hard battle Shawn and I will be facing together. We are continuing to heavily pray for our outcome to change. We want our miracle to be on God’s timing and for us to be set with our perfect match. As of now, we believe there is a lesson needed to be learned. We still don’t know what it is or what it could be but we know we will learn something from what we feel in heartache.


Shawn and I are the 1 in 8 couples who have problems with infertility. Even though the doctor is optimistic for us to get pregnant it is still a physical and mental battle. What is bananas is the fact we are NOT the only couple. Plenty of couples are going through this right freakin’ now and often find it embarrassing or too hard to talk about. Some couples have gone through the struggle of getting pregnant and ended up with miscarriage or still born. IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY AND ALL THE TIME! There are so many couples who have similar situations as we do. They all range in ages from as young as 20’s going up to 50’s and older. All are still just as painful, just as hurtful and just as heartbreaking.

I really want family and friends to understand. There are so many things Shawn and I are suffering silently. We are working a lot of the struggles through prayer. A little bit everyday we feel more at peace and everyday we are getting stronger to overcome our emotions. Infertility will always be something we will live with and right now it is very fresh. There are moments we feel hopeless and often feel very sad.

My goal for this post is not to get sympathy. I promise you we don’t need it. My hope is for this to make people aware of the words and actions it has towards others. The fact I used to prank my parents into thinking I was pregnant makes me cringe. It hurts because now I am struggling to fight to have those two precious lines. It hurts how pregnancy can be used maliciously. It hurts how people can be careless and undeserving of having such a precious gift. It is not funny or comical. It completely hurts.

You think pregnancy is a joke?! Honey, let me pray for you. I pray that you and your future spouse never have to experience the emotions my husband and I are going through. I pray for you to never take advantage of the precious life God gave you. I pray for you to be a great parent and pray for your children to be healthy. These are all things I am praying for you.

Love you bushels,



Vintage Cowgirl Status

Giddy up ya’ll as the end of 1st quarter is almost to a close! A promise I made for 2019 goals was to keep track of myself to see what I am accomplishing vs. the improvements still needing to be made. I will say it is a continuing effort everyday to work on myself. There is so many times I focus on others or events. I feel it is a trait I get from my Momma. Thanks Heather! 


So here is my up to date recap of my PROS and CONS.

PROS: I have become very deligient with making sure I am cooking more. Originially I would find recipes on Pinterest and thought they looked so easy. I would go to the store and buy all these weird ingredients and NEVER used them again. Part of it was I didn’t know how else to use various ingredients. I kept hearing about a company called Hello Fresh. They send ingredients with recipes to your front door that is perfectly proportioned for your meals. It’s not precooked for you and you get to learn more about cooking while YOU are making these delicious meals. Needless to say Shawn and I have been HOOKED!!!! We recommend it to everyone and consider it a date night when we work on cooking a meal together. Click on the link to receive $40 OFF your 1st order! Very super fun!

At the beginning of the year, I thought it was super important for me to create a schedule. I say this very generously as it is still a work in progress but I feel like it is getting there. I don’t like waking up super early so when Shawn wakes up at 6:45am, I am up! For a morning routine I like to take care of the dogs with feedings, make coffee, turn on the news, pack Shawn’s lunch, make the bed, do dishes or laundry and check emails. This seems to be more of my daily pattern. Depending on my workload, I will take an afternoon break to go workout or will even take a nap! Again still a work in progress.

A professional and personal goal I had for myself was to be more organized. Being organized has a huge factor for work because I do my business from home. I will be honest there has been a few times when I couldn’t walk in my office without stepping on papers. In my garage, I would make a path for all the materials to be eventually stored away. When looking at the chaos and mess it started to reflect myself. I needed to start with organizing my life before I started doing MORE new things. Each day keeps getting better!

As I am still continuing to bust my bootie, I have encountered on some pretty amazing relationships. Clients and vendors have been stellar to work with! In return this has kept me motivated to building more of an engagement with my audience. I am loving all the new support and can’t wait for future events together. #firstwivesclub #girlgang


CONS: Ya’ll I am definitely more of a positive person than negative BUT lets be real. I would do anything else than besides going to workout. I really do try and make it a goal for myself. Everyday I keep it a goal! When I get the will power, I ALWAYS feel better after I get done with the workout. BUT THEN, there are times I am so tired I want to prop my feet up and cuddle the puppies. Other times go drink champagne. If you were in my shoes which would you choose puppies & champagne or workout?!

A battle I seem to be facing is being more present. Yes I will watch the news, interact more in person versus my phone but at times I feel uncertainty. Like I am so curious to know how people live their life. WTF. My question is always why? Why do I value what others are living versus counting my own blessings? I have a wonderful husband, a super supportive family and a business continuing to grow. It is everything I have hoped for and still feel like I need to be checking other people’s feed. There is definitely plenty of room for improvement.


March has been a way to play catch up. It hasn’t been nearly as crazy as the month prior but still steady! Again, when reflecting on myself I knew there was a lot of things I needed to organize. I have felt inspired and started doing projects around my home. Has it stopped me from doing OFD Events, OF COURSE NOT!



We kicked off March with a new styled shoot named Vintage Cowgirl! It was the first time I interacted with other animals besides my dogs at a photoshoot. The only way to describe the experience I had was magical. Below is the inspiration board.


BEB Collab with OFD

Victoria Noble who happens to be a dear, sweet vendor/friend/client had the opportunity to collaborate together! We wanted to create a concept to show our love of yellow while making it look elegant. We knew we didn’t want to make it your typical farm, horse inspo but we wanted to capture the essence of what nature brings. Using natural light really helps with illustrating a story between a couple or bride with the love of horses. The horses ya’ll were so amazing as personalities really did shine through. I can honestly say I never thought of having to worry about the flowers being eaten!




The details of the table arrangement was completely goal worthy! I started working with some new vendors who embodied the same concepts as I do. The way vintage meets crystal makes it become unique whimsical pieces. Please feel free to check out One Fat Dove’s Instagram page for more pictures!


A very special thank you to the vendors who participated in the styled shoot. Please make sure to go follow on Instagram!

Videographer: @jrowfilms ⠀⠀
Florist: @brighteyedblooms ⠀⠀
Coordinator: @onefatdove ⠀⠀
Photographers: @shelbynicolephoto & @kendyllbphotography⠀⠀
Table & Chair Rentals: @5starrental ⠀
Tabletop Rentals: @wabisabi_vintage
Stationery: @crackedglitter ⠀⠀
HMUA: @phoenixbeautyteam ⠀⠀
Venue: @benbrookstables⠀



For the month of March, OFD had the wedding of Mrs. & Mrs. Hyde. The happy couple wanted to go with neutral colors of greens, white, gold and cooper. Little details were shown with the plates showcasing the HYDE last name. SOOO CUTE!!! Wedding guests were able to party the night away with great music, drinks and many laughs. Cheers to the newlyweds! Venue is at The Springs at Rockwall Manor.




Ya’ll I am so excited to say not only have we been published but we have been published TWICE! NUMERO FREAKIN’ DOS!!!

FIRST, publisher is with Dallas Voyage. From what I gather they are in every major city announcing new and upcoming businesses. They got a referral from another girl boss who I LOVE named Sarah Donaldson. Getting the email I was entirely skeptical because I didn’t know who was messaging and if it was real. During the interview I felt very comfortable and started seeing more posts. I actually started hoping for it to get published. Needless to say the article is out and I am so pumped with how it turned out! Here is the link to check out OFD’s article.


SECOND, the styled shoot showcased last month called 24K Love has officially been PUBLISHED! What was so bananas is I found out about the publishings on the SAME FLIPPIN’ DAY!!! When God has a plan, it really shines through. Check out the link for the Ultimate Wedding Inspiration for white and airy.



If you don’t listen to podcasts, YOU TOTALLY NEED TO! I am so hooked on business, motivational and crime podcasts. Heck, I hardly listen to music anymore! For being such a busy person my mind is usually all over the place. If I can think about what other people are saying to me then I wonder less into my own thoughts. One of my favorite podcasts I listen to happen to be two awesome chicks in the local Dallas area. Sara and Maddie are the ultimate girl babes behind the podcast called The Pretty Filter. Their mantra is to bring the prettiest, most authentic self. I have been a HUGE fan for a long time and often get excited for a new episode every week. They contacted me a few weeks ago to do a recording and had the best time!!! You can check out my episode here! If you want to listen to more episodes go to Instagram @theprettyfilterpodcast or subscribe to Apple Podcasts.



If you can’t tell already March has been a super rad blessing. There are times I feel God is with me in every step. In only 10 months, he has given me so much wisdom, so much encouragement and above all so much love. April is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to show y’all what OFD has been working on. GO LOVE SOMEBODY TODAY!!!

Love you bushels,



Confessions from my Ex, V-DAY!

Oh February, the month of love with chocolates, flowers and kisses. Total confusion from the girl who loves romantic comedies, I used to HATE Valentine’s Day. Literally the thought of professing your love for someone one day was nauseating. Most of my Valentine’s Day would be Sex in the City style were I would watch horror and thriller movies all day. Don’t get me wrong, I used to have the boyfriends (WAY back in the day) who would do the cheesy surprises and of course I would do something for them. I just didn’t understand why everyone made it such a big deal. Not to mention my birthday is three days after V-Day! Personally, I used to say just go all out on my birthday and at times feel like I was setting myself up for disappointment. In all, I just didn’t care for the month of February. UNTIL…. I started to learn the values of myself.


Knowing your self-worth is a HUGE lesson women should learn. We are in this constant state of lowering standards because we become so judgmental of what over women have. It is this constant battle field women play in their minds time and time again. We become competitors with each other as we analyze each others bodies, hair, nails, purses, homes, cars and personal things. We reflect each other from what is on the surface versus what is within. (Cliché, I KNOW!)

Has anyone ever felt good about judging others? Please respond or take sometime to reflect this question.

My answer… NO.

I have never felt good about being so judgmental. IN FACT, there have been a few times when I would compare my life to someone else. It would make me stop appreciating my blessings because I was jealous of what other people were doing or having. It made me feel too insecure. THEN, I got a good slap in the face (figuratively). I had this thought. What if women stopped seeing other as competitors? What if we stopped being so judgey of what others have/look like and gave a few moments to appreciate them? WHAT IF?! So in hindsight, I put my “madness” to the test. Let me tell you, it was a 100% way more positive. Taking a moment to compliment someone, helping a fellow sister out with their business, buying a Starbucks coffee for the person behind you or just telling someone you were praying for them had a HUGE impact. When I stopped feeling like everyone was a constant threat, I felt like I was learning who I was… again. I started to value my creativity, being a wife, my home, family and being just plain happy. Of course, I will always admire people like Rachel Hollis and Reese Witherspoon BUT it is not a constant void I am needing to fulfill. I can value all the sweet, little things in my life without having to compare others.

So fast forward to February of 2019, OFD was super freakin’ busy as we started to work with some new collaborations. Not to mention, it was also the end of engagement season AND we ended the month with a wedding! All I can say is power of prayer, does some amazing things my friends! When planning for February, I wanted to showcase work with a color scheme of reds and pinks. We not only had one styled shoot BUT we had TWO.


Photography Credits One Love Photography

Photographer Credit: @onelovetexas⠀⠀⠀
Hair/ Makeup: @blushbarbeauty
Videographer: @jrowfilms ⠀⠀
Florist: @brighteyedblooms ⠀⠀⠀
Bakery: @ruthihutsoncakes ⠀⠀⠀
Bridal Gowns: @gownsofgrace ⠀⠀⠀
Rentals: @5starrental ⠀⠀⠀
Tablescape Rentals: @royaleventrentalsdfwVenue: @sunnypaigefrisco
Models: @makeupbyspeshal @schylarrene⠀⠀⠀

For this shoot, we wanted to capture the beauty pink tends to reflect. Not just pink but BLUSH. With the amazing hair and makeup team from Blush Bar Beauty, OFD collaborated to come up with the concept to reflect personalities of each businesses. There is elegance and a timeless look being reflected in the photos Christina MacMeeken tends to compose. I wanted to show a reflection of women who are having a good time while being elegantly dressed. A tea party being decorated with glitter, bubbly and cake. Just a few of my favorite things…


SIDE NOTE: How about the new website ya’ll?!? I am not a technology nerd, in fact I am the least tech savvy person on the face of this earth. BUT… I am pretty proud of the new facelift for OFD. Even though I felt like I got my a** kicked, the hard work has paid off.

2nd Style Shoot, 24k Love

Are you starting to see a trend of love here? When Jennifer Wax and I collaborated we wanted to use the various tones of dark reds and pinks. The vision was to have more of a romantic setting. We also wanted it to be more light and airy with an emphasis of modern. With the models, we wanted a couple who would wear their hearts on their sleeves.



FUN FACT: Do you recognize a certain person in the photos? Justin (the male model) is our videographer! For the shoot, I had such a hard time finding a couple who could take the photos during the weekday. Luckily, Justin and his wife Jamie have more of a flexible schedule so I had the privilege of having him be in front of the camera. I am so happy to say that the love shown in the photos is how their marriage is, absolutely beautiful!

Photography Credits J.L. Glamour

A special thank you to the vendors who collaborated in the shoot. Please check out their Instagram with handles below:

Photographers: @jlglamour_photography & @monilynnimages ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Bakery: @ruthihutsoncakes ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Florist: @brighteyedblooms ⠀⠀⠀⠀
HMUA: @phoenixbeautyteam ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Rentals: @5starrental ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Tablescape Rentals: @royaleventrentalsdfw
Stationary: @wordsmadesemple ⠀⠀⠀
Tuxedo: @mistertuxedodallas ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Wedding Gown: @terrycostabridal ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Venue: @lumenroombryanstreet⠀⠀⠀⠀
Models: @jamieromeyn @jrowfilms⠀⠀⠀

The Howerton Wedding

Boy oh boy! I could not contain my excitement for Byron and Desirae’s Wedding. When they hired me back in June, I didn’t realize how much of a personal relationship would be built. I mean you can’t help but love people who love the same wine as you right?! Desirae and I became close compadres as we narrowed down the timeline and the aesthetic of the big day. Candles was crucial as it needed to be EVERYWHERE! Flowers needed to be beautiful with the use of anemone, peonies and roses. Simplicity can be used in an elegant fashion. From the pictures, I believe the bride’s vision was captured.





A very loving shout out to the vendors. Everyone really worked together to make this event amazing for the happy couple. Below is the Instagram handles to check them out!

Photography Credits: @hannahwayphoto
Venue: @stonecrestvenue
Florist: @hollyvilesdesign

HMUA: @teasetopleasehairandmakeup

DJ: @soundmastersdj

Bakery: @ruthcakeartist


Bartenders & Service Staff: @hdliquidcater

Videographer: @juliancastorena


Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day! For the first time, I was able to love myself and my work. I have so much love for my husband Shawn who spoils me rotten #gucci and makes quality time for us. I have felt so loved with all the amazing support. BUT YA’LL… More love is soon to come! We have spring event season coming right around the corner AND more collaborations to come. I can’t wait to share the information with you soon!

Love you bushels,


Photography Credits to J.L. Glamour

OFD’s Goals for 2019

Good golly Miss Molly, it has been a crazy busy year already! At the start of the year, One Fat Dove (OFD) created a new concept for how we do social media postings. For every month there will be a color scheme or theme. I find this is important for events because it is literally how everything comes together. At a wedding, a Bride wants to use her favorite colors to reflect who she is when she says “I do!” A mother, wants to have a theme for her child’s birthday as they blow the candles to start a new chapter. Having a color scheme or a theme helps collect and organize ideas. So to give you an example of the new content, December was all about Christmas with the red and green. January, I wanted to take the concept of sparkle with colors of silver, white and dusty blue.

In December when I came up with the new concept; I was very skeptical. I didn’t know how it would turn out and I was scared to try a new challenge. What I have been learning is challenges will always face you. It is learning how to prioritize in the pressures of it all. So with the grace of social media, I turned to bloggers who I really look up to. Local bloggers like Fringe With Benefits Blog and Raising Sweet G’s. Then famous bloggers (at least in my eyes) such as Color Me Courtney, Olivia Rink and Champagne & Chanel. (Ya’ll they are the absolute sweetest, check them out, like and follow. Seriously, won’t be disappointed!)

What was crazy to me is they all had very similar concepts; all have their own style, they were collecting content way in advance, collaborating with other bloggers/vendors and interacting with their audience. For the longest time, I was trying to use their style to reflect in mine. Let me tell you it was a constant battle with myself. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the content I was craving! The solution was simple, IT WASN’T MY STYLE. Once I broke down how I wanted to reflect my persona of creativity, everything has been SOOO much easier. With everyone having the same goal as me, I have had the privilege to work on professional relationships with vendors such as Kendyll Cowart with Kendyll B Photography, Justin Romeyn with Creatve Wedding Films, Victoria Noble with Bright Eyed BloomsLuis y Victoria  and many many more.

Creating this new strategy for myself, I have started creating an audience who is interacting with me. People are asking questions and are curious to learn more. Let me tell you, I am no where near my expectations. I would love to have an immediate large audience where I only have to think about OFD but with anything it is all about having patience and overcoming the adversity. It is learning how to create your path and how to avoid others. As a person who is highly motivated (not to toot my own horn), I wanted to set some new goals….

Goals for ONE FAT DOVE

  1. Create a new routine. Ya’ll I feel my life is constantly on the go. I am always thumbnail_dsc_0170creating new ways to promote OFD but I also work multiple jobs. Even though OFD is my heart and soul, it is not my full time income. Do I want it to be? ABSO- FREAKIN’-LUTELY! Do I love my other job? Of course I do! The restaurant I work for is called Standard Service. As a server, I love interacting with local residents, I love the people I work with, LOVE the food and I love the company structure. Money is great and I get to have flexible hours to work OFD. However, being hungry for more, I feel there are times I put so much on my plate. There are times I would put in 40-60 hours a week working both and I start to feel overworked. There are so many weeks that I don’t give myself a day of rest. I feel having a routine is important for myself, for Shawn and even for my four legged friends… It will create a structure for work hours and to lead to my second goal.
  2. Having a healthy lifestyle. More at least “healthier” lifestyle. There are times I feel I am SOOO busy I don’t have time for the gym or to cook healthy meals. So a lot of the times, I have skipped the gym and gone to fast/convenient options of takeout so I can get back to working. Let me tell you, sh*t gets old! Shawn and I have been eating out at least 3-4 times a week. It puts a hole in our pockets and we have started getting burnt out of the restaurants. What I want to do goes back to goal one, create a routine which includes gym time. It doesn’t have to be HOURS spent at the gym, I want to at LEAST start with going four times a week. I would also like to meal prep. With “my day of rest,” I would like to meal prep meals throughout the week for Shawn and myself. We have a grill we rarely use and it would give something for Shawn and I to do together. Plus Momma really needs to some weight!
  3. Interact more with my audience. As I said before, I started creating more of a “strategy” for myself in how I am posting on social media. I have started to thumbnail_dsc_0190prioritize and figure what I want to promote in future content. I also want to make it a priority to message followers and get to know them on a professional/personal
    level. To build more of an interaction, I wanted to reward followers at the beginning of the New Year. Which started my trend of a giveaway because HELLUUUUURRRRR who doesn’t like free stuff! Needless to say, it was an amazing experience and I will do more in the future. SO PLEASE STAY TUNED! 
  4. Be more organized. This I feel will always be an ongoing goal. I feel there are times I am super organized such as with my clients. I know what is going where and what belongs to each event. However, being organized also means for me to work ahead. I believe it would make me feel less stressed knowing items have already been done.
  5. To be present. As ya’ll, know we live in a world where life revolves around our phones. To be honest, OFD revolves around me being near my phone or computer at all times. In the mornings, I work on my computer to answer emails, answer leads on social media, work on interactions, etc. When I get off my computer, I turn to my phone so I can “work on the go.” There are so many times when Shawn and I are watching a movie that I pick up my phone AGAIN…. to work more. Ya’ll I love you but when your husband has to force you to get off the phone, it becomes a problem. I feel there are times when I miss conversations and interactions because I am on my phone working. Even there are times where I feel the need to get my phone out to capture a video or picture. Instead of embracing in the moment, I feel the need to capture it as a keepsake. Well ya’ll memories are the most precious souvenirs. There is no time machine to turn back the clock. I want to live my life within the moment.


When I write and tell people about my goals, I feel I have to prove myself right. It keeps me looking forward to the future. It has continued growing my passion for events and I am constantly building knowledge. For the record, I have no idea what my future holds; however, I feel there are things I can control. By striving for future successes, being positive and walking by faith, I know there will be something bright (and hopefully SPARKLY).

Love you bushels,



Check out the January video created by Justin Romeyn here!

Photography Credits: Kendyll B Photography

Reminiscing 2018

Holy buckets ya’ll, 2018 is almost over!

Let me recounter what happened… At the start of the year, I was miserable and just unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. My husband and I were blessed to move into our beautiful home but something felt empty. A road crossed from me leaving one job then I left another to where I was jobless for three months. THREE WHOLE FLIPPIN’ MONTHS! I went from interview to interview and sometimes no interviews. It was definitely a tough time and put a lot of stress on my husband. There were so many conversations we would have were I would say, “Let me start my own business. Let me do something were I can try to create something on my own.” Shawn would and will always support me but we didn’t have a lot of money to start. My thoughts were I wanted to have my own clothing boutique, I wanted to start with online and eventually move into a location near my home. My brain was always so focused on having my own clothing boutique that I never stopped to hear what God wanted me to do.


When nothing seemed to work for what I wanted (I can’t make this up, I seriously did this!) I dropped to my knees and prayed. I was crying, feeling so lost with my hands in the air I said, “I am done! I have tried it my way and it doesn’t seem to work. Please tell me what I should do. Please guide me in the path you want me to Lord.” I can’t make this up; a calm voice stopped me and told me to start doing events. Honestly ya’ll it was shocking and I questioned it! I pondered the idea for weeks talking to my girlfriends (You know who you are!), to my mother, to Shawn, pretty much to everyone. It didn’t seem like a bad idea but it was a scary thought. When I stopped with the resilience, again I can’t make this up, I was told to start with the blog. Same voice and everything! I always wanted to but always found an excuse not to do one. So once I created the website and did my first blog post it was CRAZY! I started to see I had so much support from friends, family, loved ones and even few people I didn’t know. Then the voice came said one thing, “Events.” That was it! Something so simple and I have followed the voice ever since. Shortly after was when I did the Mother’s Day Brunch, a Graduation Party and then a Gender Reveal. From hard work with postings on the blog and through social media, I have grown way faster than I could have imagined. My goal was to have only three clients by the end of 2018. With One Fat Dove being “live” for seven months, I am so happy to say I have twenty-one clients I am so honored to work with.

In honor of 2018, here is my most memorable moments…

I have been so blessed to create memories and life long friendships with clients. I have been blessed to witness moments that will be forever cherished as the happiest of times. I have been blessed to work with other vendors and collaborating together as a team to grow businesses together. I have been blessed to grow with Shawn as we strive to grow our family and to making our house into a home. I have been blessed to be loved by so many. I can’t thank everyone and God enough for all the many blessings each of you continue to give me. Each person has impacted my life and you are such a blessing to me.

One Fat Dove came to life and it made me learn to live my life without hesitation or fear. I have learned to finally stand up for myself and fight for what I believe in. The sweet, calm voice has guided me through this entire journey. Some people may call me crazy, some might call it fate and to be honest I am not sure what it is. What I do know is the calm voice has brought my closer to God but also to happiness. My journey for One Fat Dove has only begun.

Here is my prayer, “Lord thank you for this journey. Thank you for all the many blessings that you have continued to give me today. Thank you for the lessons and thank you for the successes. Thank you for showing me life has so much to offer. I promise to continue to work hard and to glorify your light. Please continue to help guide me in your path. In your name I pray. AMEN.”

Cheers to 2019 and many more years to come!

Love you bushels,



P.S. To kick off the New Year there will be a giveaway! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @onefatdove starting January 1st to learn more. Please follow rules to win.

One Fat Dove’s 1st Holiday Season

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?… No for real are you listening because its THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR! I have been celebrating Christmas since beginning of November and so excited I don’t have to be the cliché of being THAT GIRL…. You know what I am talking about… “OH my God, you have your Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving?! Like HELLO Thanksgiving is a holiday worth celebrating.” Yes, I totally agree; it’s a holiday I cherish the most. My mom would wake up early to turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as the feast was cooking. Katie Mae (Mimi) would check on the yeast rolls to make sure they were rising and pop them in the oven.  It will always be a cherished holiday for my family and I.


HOWEVER, in 2017, I was at a different time in my life. I was getting married while building a house, traveling and going through a really tough time with my job. I was so happy to start a life with Shawn but I was so unhappy with my professional life. It was super stressful and I lost sight of the holiday spirit. In fact there was no tree, no decorations, no presents nor being jolly around my family. I was flat exhausted and torn what I should be doing with my life. I cried more so than I would like to admit.

Fast forward to 2018, I decided to take a leap of faith and follow a different path. I started to pray more and turn to God for my answers. For the first time in my life, I am happy with who I am. I am grateful for the things I have worked for and I am hopeful for what is to come. My spirit for joy has returned. This year there is no such thing as



Growing up, the holidays were always such a magical time. All of my family would gather together to my grandparents house where it was a Winter Wonderland. From the outside to inside, EVERYTHING was decorated with lights, ornaments, trees, stockings and nutcrackers. The Christmas dinners were spectacular as everyone had at least one of their favorite items. (Mine were petit fours with holly decorated icing.) The Christmas trees have always been Pinterest worthy! No lie, my grandad has created magnificent trees where snow balls fly from the top of the tree as it dances down to the presents. Seriously, he needs his own Christmas store with a side service to decorate homes. He is just that good! The amount of time they have spent to make the holidays so special will forever be remembered. Because of them, they are the reason why I love this season! They taught me to have a passion.



Wrapping up the end of 2018, I wanted to do something different. I am a huge fan of following other bloggers and connecting through Instagram/Facebook. One of the things I have always admired is the self confidence they reflect. It gave me an idea; a wickedly awesome idea to do a styled holiday video. After one meeting, a week later and a bottle of champagne poured, I am able to present One Fat Dove’s first video collaboration.  Definitely click the link below to see it!

One Fat Dove’s Holiday Video

Please check out Justin owner of Creatve Wedding Films. Ya’ll he is just flippin’ amazing!


Need help with gift ideas?

Check out the below pictures from Four Season Fabulous, as your holiday gift guide!

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.26.07 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-06 at 9.25.55 AM

Starting One Fat Dove, I really wanted to commemorate Katie Mae. For a while I had tossed around the idea of having the name be Miss Katie Mae’s Events. As time went on, I found out Katie Mae would volunteer at the nursing home. She would bring fresh flowers from the church and would spend time with the residence. In honor of her, I started providing a service to my clients for FREE. All flowers that are NOT wanting to be kept would be repurposed and used at the local nursing home. The residence and employees are able to keep most of the arrangements for TWO WEEKS!